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Series & Books - September 11th 2021

Dernière mise à jour : 17 sept. 2021

Rendez-vous de 10h30 à 12h à la MJC de Chaville (salle multi-médias) pour cette séance de rentrée où nous serons connectés avec nos amis de Barnet. Le sujet proposé est "Souvenirs de voyage et/ou les series & livres que vous avez apprécié durant l'été".

This Summer might not be the best one to travel very far but feel free to share about any travel memories (a screen will be available for showing pictures if needed).

If you're interested in hiking, you may be interested in those BBC articles :

To see the posts for the following sessions, look up the blog "Series & Books".

You can also write your own comments or suggestions at the bottom of each post once you're registered. We would appreciate that!

See you soon.

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Séance très sympathique pour cette reprise en "vrai" à la MJC et en visio avec Barnet !

None of us traveled very far during Summer but thanks to lovely places in France such as Brittany, the Alps or others, we had a lovely time.

Michel made us travel to Andalusia thanks to a few pictures from his last trip a few years ago and Hugh explained about his own experience in Spain.

Our Summer readings :

"The Windsor Knot" by SJ. Bennett "On a perfect Spring morning at Windsor Castle, Queen Elizabeth II will enjoy a cup of tea, carry out all her royal duties . . . and solve a murder."

"A Confereracy of Dunces" by American novelist John…


Un petit hello pour souhaiter une bonne Saison aux amis du Book Club et les informer que je ne peux renouveler mon adhésion cette année. Amitiés à tous.

Jacqueline Ellie

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