American, British, Australian : their language differences and all the others…

Mis à jour : mars 4

Gosh, Sorry : over-apologetic Brits in America - the plug socket switch is one confusing things about british homes among others - 'Love' or 'Honey' as an affectionate term.

As an introduction, a short extract from :

'Brits who first arrive in the U.S. often have a false sense of security. Not only do we all speak the same language (ha!), but the houses are pretty similar too. Well, a word of warning fellow Brits — it all looks very familiar — until you attempt to do anything.'

Reading suggestions, articles to fuel the discussion :

As I was looking for a few other articles for our next Saturday topic, I came across a book I've had on my bookshelf for ages but I had never read... not a recent one but worth opening... Alistair Cooke was a British born American writer, journalist, radio broadcaster. You might enjoy the 2 extracts from his journalistic output 'Letter from America'

Reading suggestions, a book : « Changing places / Changement de décor » by David Lodge. What do an English professor at a large English university (Oxbridge) and an English professor at a large California university (Stanley) have in common? Answer: nothing and David Lodge to prove it to us by provoking the hilarious exchange of position between the two protagonists during a semester in his book.

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