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12/10/19 What makes a book a best seller?

A fact : 'Thrillers and mystery are the most represented genres in the New York Times bestseller list over time'.

We discussed what were the main ingredients used to write a bestseller : endearing characters, high level of emotional intensity, a plot with a lot of twists, a family saga, a sensational historical conspiracy...

Could an algorithm predict which books will be bestsellers? Could it influence future authors?

Around the table, surprisingly Harry Potter and Twilight weren't everybody's cup of tea! what is your point of view?

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Might not be everybody's cup of tea but it sold millions of copies worldwide and many teenagers today enjoy reading Harry Potter. It's difficult to define exactly what makes a book a best seller but I think we all agree that it needs interesting characters, romance, adventure, suspense...


Oct 12, 2019

Merci, Brigitte, pour ton post sur le sujet à l'ordre du jour on Best Seller.

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