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Series & Books : Universes & Sagas

Dernière mise à jour : 13 nov. 2020

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2024-03-09 Series & Books

Today, we exchanged about hens as pets. We also got trailers about the following books and movies : A gentleman in Moscow One life Anne with an E Will you read these books or watch the movies ? Enjoy

Series&Books 03/2023

Retrouvons-nous à la MJC le mardi 14 mars ou en visio : Mardi, 14 mars · 7:00 à 8:30pm Informations de connexion Google Meet Lien de l'appel vidéo : Ou composez le

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J'espère vous avoir donné envie de plonger dans le monde de Philip Pullman.

His Dark Materials is a trilogy (you might know the other names : Northern Lights or The Golden Compass) about physics, philosophy, theology. It takes place through different universes where a special knife is needed to open doors between them.

A mysterious substance central to the plot of the series is "The Dust" a source of energy that refers to the dark matter of astrophysics. In the story, all human have an animal-shaped daemon which is the physical manifestation of a person's soul or spirit. Other fantasy elements include witches and armoured polar bears (their armour being their soul). It also features "an alethiometer", a rare truth-telling…

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