Séance Book-Club du 10/11/18

The northern countries and their writers

-Sonia had a vivid memory of a book she read when she was a little girl

'Nils Olgersson's wonderful adventure across Sweden' by Selma Lagerlof. She read it again with a great pleasure and told us about this boy turned into an elf who flies on a wild goose all through Sweden.

-Roselyne took us to Greenland with 'Imaqa' by Fleming Jensen, the story of a Danish teacher who leaves his whole life behind him to start a new one in a little hamlet in Groenland (a place where 'laughing' seems to be a philosophy of life) and he has to challenge his neo-colonial preconceptions while he discovers the locals' tradition and culture.

-An interesting book review, about 3 nordic women writers, analysing a common feature between the female characters being all surrounded by snow, silence or darkness as if it constitutes a form of protection against the outside world but that they can open whenever they are ready : 'a soap bubble floating off into the world until it bursts'...

We also mentioned other nordic writers : Norwegian : Henrik Ibsen (La maison de Poupée) – Sigrit Unset – Thor Heyerdahl (Kon-Tiki Expedition)

Danish : Hans Christian Andersen – Soren Kierkegaard – Karen Blixen.

Finish : Arto Paasilinna (Le fils du dieu orage – les 10000 gaffes de l’ange gardien).

Other miscellaneous but interesting subjects :

Marie-Alice, back from Quebec and Ottawa, told us about her recent trip and she exchanged memories with Roselyne who also knows the place well.

2018 marking the 160th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and Japan, interesting Japanese exhibitions in Paris : 'Furoshiki' (bag making with square material) last week-end at Place de l'Hotel de Ville and 'Jomon' at the Maison de la Culture du Japon.

Any comment welcome and save the date for our next meeting :

8 December 2018 - the Cornish clotted cream!

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