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Tom Hanks is a famous actor but he is now an author with a short story collection, Gene Wilder published late in life, Carrie Fisher also had literary talents and a wry sense of humour, James Franco also published a short story collection "Palo Alto"...

Take a look at other writers who earned their fame as actors before putting pen to paper

William Boyd is a famous writer but also a producer, known for The Trench (1999), Chaplin (1992) and The Galapagos Affair.

Boyd's personal quotes : "To judge a film by the book it's based on is very harsh. Nobody goes to see Verdi's Falstaff and goes home and reads The Merry Wives of Windsor. Nobody berates Verdi for leaving out so much of the play. And that should apply to film as well. When you adapt a book for film, you lose 60 or 70% of it.

The cinema is a world of constraints and parameters and barriers, while the world of writing a novel is freedom."

We're looking forward to discussing with you about those movie stars' second life as writers or authors becoming producers.

This topic doesn't inpire you? you're welcome to join and tell us about any other book of your choice!

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