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14/09/2019 - How was Summer? tell us about a city you visited or a good book you read.

It was good to meet again after a scorching hot Summer and we were so glad to welcome Michel, Eric and Gérard around the table! Michel was very enthusiastic about his trip to New-York - interesting comments illustrated with pictures. The last word was : not long enough, I can't wait to go back and visit what I missed.

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I really enjoyed listening to Michel's trip; it made me want to go visit New York asap!

But I would have liked to see Brigitte and Fabienne's pictures too!

My family and I went to Luxembourg, Liège , Anvers and Amsterdam. We had a great time and ate many mouthwatering waffles along the way.


Yes, it was like a travel for me too ! I hope to save some time next session to hear the orher people talk about their favorite city !

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