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11/01/2020 Roald Dahl and his funny (not always) short stories

Lots of interesting facts to mention about one of the greatest storyteller of all time! He was a mischievous child full of energy, he felt miserable when being sent to boarding school, after his studies he took a position with the Shell company in Africa, he became a fighter pilot during WWII, all those experiences inspired him to write wonderful and varied stories that we strongly recommend to read.

Tell us about your favorite!

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Jan 11, 2020
  • A pleasant session this morning to catch up from last month. The video is an excellent way to illustrate our topics, and it was fun to look at Green Eggs & Ham.

  • Regarding Roald Dahl, and his short stories, it was interesting to know more about his private life, and I was surprised by his reputation worldwide - which I had no idea of.

  • I will go on reading more short stories, especially as I like this kind of black humour.


A bit of catch-up from last month, we were happy to learn about Christmas traditions in Burkina Faso. Thanks Roselyne.

I was pleased to introduce the american cartoonist and writer, Dr Seuss, who wrote and illustrated children's books. The video 'Green Eggs and Ham' was just a foretaste, now you can discover and enjoy 'The Cat in the Hat' and so on...

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